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Ellen van Vollenboven


As an artist, I embrace working with different materials as an essential aspect of my creative process. By painting, drawing, photographing, and exploring graphic techniques, I navigate through a multidisciplinary approach that transcends the boundaries of traditional academic rules.


My work is a continuous exploration, a journey that explores the territory between illustration and abstraction, both literally and figuratively. I draw inspiration from diverse sources, from the richness of an abandoned building to the complexity of human emotions. The past and the present serve as sources of inspiration, and I strongly believe in the power of art to connect these two temporal junctures.


In my creative practice, everything revolves around letting the material speak during the process. Each medium has its own voice, its own story to tell. I believe in the importance of exploring these voices, delving into their possibilities.


At times, my work teeters on the border between art and kitsch, as I play with the conventions of aesthetics and taste. I challenge the viewer to contemplate what art is and how it is perceived.

For me, the process is as significant as the end product. It is a journey of discovery, a continual exploration of form, color, texture, and meaning. I value the process of creation and exploration because it enables me to gain new insights and continually develop as an artist.

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kunst of kitsch
ellen van Vollenhoven
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